Rules & Policies

General Rules/Policies

Mi-Te-Jo is a family campground. These rules are written so that everyone will have an enjoyable and safe stay.

  1. SPEED LIMITthroughout the campground is 5 M.P.H.. We realize that this is ridiculous. If you do not feel that you are driving ridiculously slow, then you are driving too fast. Motorcycles and cars should be driven to and from campsites only. Please remember that you share the road with bicyclists and pedestrians.
  2. THE CONSUMPTION OF ALCOHOL shall be done in a responsible manner. Drunkenness, use of illegal drugs, and disorderly conduct will not be tolerated. No alcohol is permitted on any sports field.
  3. QUIET HOURS are from 11:00 PM until 8:00 AM. Please have consideration for camping neighbors always. Remember TV and radio sound travels. Many families prefer a more natural setting. If you must have your TV outside, please place it as discreetly as possible, so those who are not interested in your TV may enjoy their time as well.
  4. CHILDREN are the parent’s responsibility. Children must be accompanied by an adult when swimming. All children must be at their campsites fifteen minutes after the rec hall closes. REC HALL HOURS Sunday – Thursday 10 AM to 10 PM Friday & Saturday 10 AM to 10:30 PM.
  5. ALL PETS should be friendly, and leashed or tied at all times. You must adhere to the pet rules. Our pet rules are listed in detail below and on our bulletin board. Pets must be on a leash 6 ft. or shorter when being walked. For health and safety reasons, dogs are not allowed on the beaches, playgrounds, ball fields or in campground buildings. Barking dogs are extremely annoying, so please be sure that they do not disturb other campers. Please do not leave your dog unattended outside your camper. Be sure to bring a current copy of your pet’s vaccination certificates.
  6. TREES are a natural beauty. Please do not harm the trees and vegetation that live at the campground. Do not hang lights or decorations from trees. Firewood and marshmallow sticks are available at the office.
  7. SWIMMING is at the campers own risk. NO LIFE GUARD IS ON DUTY. The use of the swimming areas after dusk is not allowed. Glass on the beach is prohibited. Absolutely no swimming in the channel! Oversized floatation devices are not permitted at Mi-Te-Jo.
  8. FIRES should be kept small and under control at all times. Please do not burn trash, painted or treated wood. Fires MUST NOT be left unattended and MUST be extinguished with water when you retire for the evening or leave your site.
  9. VISITORS must register at the office (state law). Please be sure your visitors understand all campground rules. Your visitors are your responsibility.
  10. SPORTS FIELDS (Ball field, Football / Soccer Field) are provided for your use. Please restrict sporting activities to these fields. Horseshoe playing is allowed only in the horseshoe pits. Scheduled activities have priority in the fields and horseshoe pits. Sports equipment is available in the office.
  11. FIREWORKS are illegal and not allowed.
  12. DOCKS are provided on a limited basis. Only people with a rented slip are allowed on boat docks. No swimming, diving, or fishing from the docks.
  13. BICYCLES and SCOOTERS must not be ridden after dusk and should be ridden under control at all times. Being a family campground, there is a lot of bicycle traffic. VEHICLES AND BICYCLES ALIKE SHOULD USE CAUTION AND YIELD TO PEDESTRIANS.
  14. FOR THE PROTECTION OF OUR SEPTIC SYSTEMS and the environment please use environmentally friendly (bacteria or enzymes based) holding tank products. The use of tank cleaning wands or RV hyrdroflush attachments is illegal as they are apt to cause cross contamination. For further information on acceptable holding tank products, please speak to somebody in the office.
  15. DON’T MOVE FIREWOOD! The NH Forest Protection Bureau has asked NH campgrounds to request that their visitors not bring firewood with them due to the possibility of transporting invasive wood boring insects into or within the State. These insects are becoming a serious threat to our NH forests.
  16. PETS. Mi-Te-Jo understands that pets are an important part of many families. At the same time, pet owners must be aware that many campers do not have pets by choice. The following rules are in place to insure that all campers enjoy their stay at Mi-Te-Jo. Please be sure that your family and pets understand and adhere to these policies. If your dog, or pet, is not comfortable with any of these rules, please leave him at home or have him vacation at a local kennel.
    • All dogs must be campground friendly, leashed at all times, and able to be calm in a campground setting. Dogs showing aggression or continual barking will be asked to leave.
    • All dogs must be comfortable on a 6 foot leash while being walked. When dogs are tied at the site, they should be 5 feet short of the perimeter of the site. They should not be within reach of other sites, the road, or walkways. Retractable leashes and electric fences are not permitted.
    • No dogs are to be left unattended outside of your camping unit. Dogs cannot be left unattended on tent sites or in screen rooms.
    • An up to date rabies certificate must be available to Mi-Te-Jo management upon request. Please be sure that you have your papers with you. Pets too young to be vaccinated must have had a recent veterinary exam.
    • For the health and safety of all, pets are not permitted on the beaches, playgrounds, ball fields, or campground buildings.
    • Please be sure all dog droppings, anywhere in the campground, are picked up. “Doggie bags” are located throughout the campground.
    • Dogs who would like to enjoy the lake may take a swim at the boat ramp. Be sure that your dog also takes time to enjoy a long walk on the wonderful trails throughout our back woods. Be sure to grab a doggie bag prior to your walk.
    • Local Vets
      Milton Veterinary Clinic, Milton, NH – (603) 652-9661
      Animal Health Center, Rochester, NH – (603) 332-3358
      Broadview Animal Hospital, Rochester, NH – (603) 335-2120Emergency 24-hour Vet
      Portsmouth Newington Veterinary Hospital – (603) 430-PETS or (603) 431-3600
      Located across from Newington Mall, NH


  • We ask that you please follow these rules. Failure to do so may result in immediate eviction without refund.
  • We are not responsible for any loss of money or valuables. We are also not responsible for any damage to your camping equipment or personal property.
  • Please report any problems to the office. We welcome your comments. We hope your stay will be relaxing and enjoyable! Thank You and Happy Camping!


  • Rates are based upon 2 adults and 2 children. Additional guests will be subject to an extra person fee.
  • 50% Deposit required on all reservations.
  • 100% Deposit on Holiday Weekends.
  • Check-in: 2:00 PM / Check-out: 12:00 Noon.
  • A 9% New Hampshire Room & Meals Tax will be added to all cabins.
  • Visitors rates are as follows:
    • Adults: $5/day, $10/overnight
    • Refunds are given within 14 days of cancellation
    • Refunds are not given for early departure or the discomforts of nature
    • Reservation Policy:
      • Two night minimum required at all times. Three night minimum during holidays.


  • Rates are based upon 2 adults and 2 children.
  • Sites are limited to a maximum of 7 people, of which 4 may be adults.
  • Limit of 1 RV per site.
  • All daily site rates include water, electricity, septic and cable.
  • 50% Deposit required on all reservations.
  • 100% Deposit on Holiday Weekends.
  • Check-in: 2:00 PM / Check-out: 12:00 Noon.
  • For seasonal sites, small charge to leave electricity on during week or no charge if unplugged.
  • Visitors rates are as follows:
    • Adults: $5/day, $10/overnight
    • Children: $3/day, $5/overnight
  • Refunds are given within 14 days of cancellation
    • More than 2 weeks, $25 dollar cancellation fee
    • More than 1 week, 50% of reservation forfeited
    • Less than 1 week, full reservation forfeited
  • Refunds are not given for early departure or the discomforts of nature
  • Reservation Policy:
    • Two night minimum required at all times. Three night minimum during holidays.